Programmer at Art Index TV

Art Index TV is a compelling, informative and engaging television series of half hour shows about contemporary art. Art Index places contemporary art in context, demystifies and illuminates its creative process, and articulates the ways in which it impacts our culture at large. Art Index features artists and art professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and the breadth of artistic practice in the region, the nation, and across the globe.

Programmer needed to help set up professional website on Squarespace. Tasks include re-pointing domain name, content migration, fine tuning any initial troubleshooting. Content ready to up-load. Candidate should have facility with a variety of software programs for ingest, packaging and sharing of content, and digital media storage.



Bachelor’s degree/Equivalent


Compensation: $500, part-time


Time Frame: 12/18/2014-1/18/2014


How to Apply:

Please submit brief statement outlining your qualifications for the position and resume to Heather Zises


Submission Deadline: