Graphic Designer Competition for OWNPHONES

OWNPHONES is a new personal audio system designed for each user. We 3D print custom wireless earphones to every listeners ear. Our earphones comfortably fit and give you the freedom to talk on the phone or listen to your favorite music without the cords that keep us anchored to our devices. As we move forward into a wireless world we want to give the designers of tomorrow the opportunity to put their stamp on the future by designing our Logo, Monogram, Primary Typeface, and Secondary Typeface.
Your design will be in ears and eyes worldwide. Take this opportunity to show us what tomorrow looks like.
The winner of this competition will have their designs on packaging, press materials, on our up and coming web build out as well as any print/billboards worldwide. Also, you will be flown to L.A. to meet and work with our design and technologies team on developing a special limited addition set of OwnPhones for you that will be featured on our site and blog.

You must be a current New School student.

Compensation: Trip to Los Angeles, design and receive your own line of earphones and your design will be on our products world wide.

How to Apply: To apply and review the design brief, visit
Fill out and submit your application along in pdf format, with your Logo, Monogram, Primary Typeface, and Secondary Typeface. Submissions must be received no later than 11:59pm pacific standard time on Sunday March 15th. The chosen design and designer will be contacted the following week and will be posted to our website.
Good Luck!

Submission Deadline: 3/15