Original New Music Conductor Needed by Mannes Student

Three Appearances: Rehearse Octet with Voice (I), String Quartet with

Voice (II), + Octet with Voice (III) – 2 of the 3 appearances are rehearsals, the 3rd is performance (10-minute selection given in public
in Concert Hall at Mannes.) This is not jazz. (Straight eighths are required, etc.)
1. Rehearsal of 10-minute selection April 30 7-8p notes, rhythms, tempos, dynamics.
2. (Same) May 7 7-8p (2a.) If additional rehearsal is required,conduct-
or must rehearse ensemble. 3. Conduct in Mannes Concert Hall May 13 8p………May 13 6-7p payment in pizza and soda, traditional,
in cafe space delivered night of performance. Conductor can bring a friend. Sound checks 7-7:30p. The 3-movement tune is named,
“Expressions”. Should look good on your resume!
Composer (me) will be present for advise at rehearsals…

Will provide pizza and beverages.

Time Period: 4/30-5/13

How to Apply:

Write to me.
My name is John Joseph Lucania and can be reached at jlucania@
One meeting is required on earliest Tuesday afternoon or earliest
Thursday afternoon as soon as possible to pick up full musical score
and briefest of interviews, at Mannes to be arranged by email.

Submission Deadline: 4/23