Illustrator Needed for Fashion & Tech Project

I need someone to illustrate in black pen on white paper 6-8 fashion sketches similar in style to the ones at the attached link:

I will provide picture references of what I would like sketched but they are:

1. a waist up illustration of a woman in a loose crop top
2. a full body (no head) illustration of a woman in a sheath dress
3. torso of man in fitted tshirt
4. dog (pug or french bulldog) in a bow tie*
5. back view of woman lower waist to upper thighs in bikini bottom
6. lower view of man in pants
7. front view of woman torso in bathing suit

Job may be completed remotely anytime prior to the deadline when I need the sketches.

Compensation: $25-30 per sketch

How to Apply: Please email me a few examples of the style of your sketches to be sure they match the desired look and let me know how soon you think you could complete the project (ex: do you have to wait until exams/finals are over etc.)