One-time only graphic art project

Project: Create an approx 11×14 vertical image that would be matted & framed later. Song lyrics are the main element, with two lines raised & highlighted. An image of the vinyl 45 rpm would be a faded but readable background. Another element to work in as a background image is the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 chart showing the song’s top-5 position. At the bottom would be room for the artist to sign. If possible, job to be completed sometime in June,
and not having to wait until students are back for the fall semester.

Applicant must be someone with suitable artistic & creative skills to do the job.

Compensation would have to be discussed with the individual. I have no idea how many hours this project would take to complete, so we would have to determine that and then agree upon a good hourly wage.

One-time only project.

My phone # is 718/530-3607. My email is Please note that while my email address is, this is strictly an individual personal project.

NOTE: Since this is a one-time only project, the dates below are just random to satisfy the required field entries. If possible, I am hoping the job can be done sometime in June.

Apply before: 6/30/2015