Post Production Assistant

Anne Ruthmann Photography: Architecture & Interior Photographer based near Washington Square.
Professionally photographing projects for architects, interior designers, builders, renovation companies, contractors, developers, real estate agents, marketing agencies, hospitality groups, hotels, rental companies, etc.

– Use Lightroom, Photoshop CS, and Dropbox to edit RAW camera files into proof sheets and retouched photographs for client delivery
– Work efficiently and effectively on a freelance contract basis
– Create retouched work that looks completely natural to the eye
– Occasionally join photographer for on-site shoots to assist with lighting manipulation, furniture staging, and maybe even creating a floor plan if necessary.
– Knowledge of rendering software and techniques is a bonus as well

Must have portfolio of at least 10 before and after edits on RAW images of interior and architecture images

$20/hr to start, may increase over time or by project

4 hours/week to start, may increase over time

Please EMAIL the following to

– Full Name

– Phone/Text Number

– Days/Hours of Availability
(Note: most projects will happen between 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday, near Washington Square in Manhattan)

– List of hardware and software that you use regularly (include computer & camera type if applicable)

– Confirmation that you have the ability to work on-site at my office near Washington Square in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

– ATTACH to Email: a PDF Portfolio containing the following:
>>> 5 Portfolio Before/After Images representing 4 Interior shots and 1 Exterior shot of apartment buildings and/or commercial buildings. For each shot, there should be straight-from-camera RAW screen captures for each image and a final post-production version of each image to demonstrate the post-production changes made between the camera file and the final image.

— Portfolio Will Be Evaluated On the Following:

>>> Interior Images Should: demonstrate accurate and natural white balancing in natural lighting, tungsten lighting, florescent lighting, and mixed lighting rooms. Natural looking exposure corrections when using one exposure and/or multiple RAW exposures for an HDR range that does not look overly produced or photoshopped. Demonstrate a knowledge of replacing window scenery in a way that appears natural. Demonstrate a knowledge of perspective and/or lens correction where needed.

>>> Exterior Image Should: Demonstrate a natural balance between exterior twilight and interior lighting as well as enhancement to exposure and color that appears natural to the eye. Demonstrate a knowledge of perspective and/or lens correction that appears natural to the eye.

Apply on or before: 6/30/2015