Consultant web designer / builder

Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD) is a non-profit consortium of 100 community based non-profits working in affordable housing, tenant rights, and small scale economic development. ANHD provides lots of trainings, research, reports and coordination of the groups to create a united voice to achieve better services for the poor. Recent successes include a stronger tenant protection law (with hopefully, an even stronger one coming soon), longer spans of affordability for apartments before landlords can raise them to market rate, and a mandate that banks demonstrate how they are putting resources and money into low-income neighborhoods. ANHD is also somewhat of a whistle-blower group – we were behind the “poor door” expose and the recent expose that luxury housing developers often don’t pay taxes.

Here’s what we like about our current site:
– Easy for staff to add, change, maintain (except the home page which is hard wired to some other html platform)

Here’s what we don’t like:
– the over all look
– people can’t tell what we do !
– our current wordpress platform is about 7 years old

Here’s what we wish we had:
– we want our home page to be easier to update and to better define who we are
– We want our home page to quickly show activities, latest research
want to place program info all on on webpage and have links to info
connect to some of our interactive charts that we put together using CartoDB

Website design/building skills a must.

Consultant fee tba.

Please email with samples and if possible a resume by 9/1/2015.