Storyboard Artist

Breakfast Films LLC is a New York based film production and development company founded in 2015. We are currently working on our first independent feature film, Far Out, about a group of artist friends who have a party one night in the Adirondack mountains in the summer of 1970.

We are currently seeking a non-paid Storyboard Artist for the month of July to assist with the pre-production, storyboarding process for our feature film, Far Out. The job requires someone who has a skill and passion for drawing and films, who can collaborate with the director to put her mental vision on paper, either through hand-drawing or a digital application like Illustrator. The hours are flexible and we are a young, fun working environment that can cater to your schedule.

Job Requirement: Interest/talent in drawing.

Compensation: None

Please email the film’s producer, Fraser Jones, at with any drawing samples and a brief explanation of why you believe you would be fit for the job.