Graphic Designer for The Culinary Agency

The Culinary Agency, the only full service agency designed to help brands build their business within the culinary landscape. We maintain a unique blend of experience and understanding in both culinary culture brand strategy and digital media necessary to succeed. We work, or have worked with brands including KitchenAid, Plated, Appetites (app), ChefsFeed (app), Vitamix, NBC, General Mills, Food & Wine, Swanson, Breville, Le Creuset, Oxo and more. Adweek feature We have set out to reinvent the idea of culinary content and redefine the way brands and talent engage consumers. We provide the intelligence, strategic ideation and relationships necessary to help clients successfully navigate culinary culture and make meaningful connections with consumers. Most importantly, we broaden the scope of opportunities for our clients by strategically building multi-platform businesses across all areas of Culinary Culture.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

You’ll be asked to do a range of creative work from faster, “smaller” pieces to “bigger” builds for a range of clients, as well as The Culinary Agency projects.
You’ll work within a dynamic team structure with several creative leads, helping to support and deliver on our core community and brand specific campaigns.
You’ll have a mastery of industry best practices and the platforms we love, as well as be willing to learn and articulate the unique Culinary POV on each.
You’ll care about concepts, designing, developing, and putting the team in the best position to present our ideas way more than you do about getting credit for the work.
You’re expected to be as much of a friendly teacher as a proficient doer when working within our Account team structure.
You’ll have strong typography skills, a love and mastery of photoshop and feel very comfortable in all adobe creative suite programs.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree (preferably from a design school) or entrepreneurial street creds and 2-3 years of design experience, developing and creating for digital / social strategies + campaigns, including client-facing experience.



Hours Per Week


How to Apply