Sales Manager Needed for Finearf

We are participating in the Grand Central Holiday Fair and are looking for a manager for the booth. This is our 8th year.

• Before you read further, sales experience is a must. There is no time to train on the job, so you need to be very familiar with the basics of sales. • You must love our jewelry and dogs and shoppers. • You are extremely organized. Finearf. is a charm company with hundreds of charms that need to stay in their place. • You are someone with bundles of energy and a quick mind. A take charge attitude with great problem solving skills. • Someone that does not get flustered and enjoys being in charge. It gets busy and crowded. hopefully with buyers, but sometimes with lookers only. • You are a clean freak, in that the sparkle and cleanliness of the booth is of paramount importance in our success. • A talent for merchandising is also an appealing quality. Having done this for 22 years, I am always looking for a fresh eye. • You will be someone that wants a beautiful boutique and will take pride both in our presentation as well as our sales. • You are of course honest and enjoy being part of a small team. • You are patient and smile easily. We sell jewelry to dog lovers primarily. and many customers will want to talk about their dogs and your interest needs to be genuine. • You are slim and have good sense of style. I say this because the space is extremely limited and with 2 people working, size does matter.

Who: Finearf Where: Grand Central Holiday Fair When: November 16- Dec 24 Training: November 10-15 Hours: 9:45am – 8pm (flexible) Money: $15-17 hr

Hrs/week: 40+ hours for 5 weeks

Compensation: $15-17/hr

How to Apply: Contact: Lisa Greene Email: Number: 917-494-3046 URL: