Freelance Children’s Picture Book Writer Wanted for a Diverse Publishing Company

3 Curious Monkeys is an independent small publisher who is working towards bringing diversity in young children’s picture books. Our primary focus is to introduce early readers to the beauty and diversity of the Asian Indian culture similar to how ‘Dora the Explorer’ introduced kids to Latino culture.

Our stories have three protagonists who are adorable monkeys and through their
adventures, we hope to bring unique aspects of the Indian culturefood,
music, dress to children across the world in a fun and relatable manner.

Break the norm and be a part of a revolution in children’s picture book industry.
Join the small agile team at 3 Curious Monkeys . We are passionate about sharing the colorful and mystical Indian culture with early readers and their families. We aim to bring diversity in children’s media and to make young kids proud of who they are.
For our new book we are looking to work with a talented children’s book writer on a work for hire basis. Are up for a challenge to spellbound millions of kids all around the world with your creative writing? Do you love culture and pride in being a kid at heart? If you are all yes, then we are waiting to connect with you. We are looking to commission short stories of less than 500 words for children between ages of 2 and 7 years.

What kinds of stories are we looking for?
All kinds, but, in particular, stories that are full of energy and have our three main
characters.Just remember to be super imaginative and to think about the age of the child you are writing for. As you know there is a huge difference between and
2 year old and a 7 year old.
Writing Style
● Needs to be funny to engage kids
● Can be wacky with some sort of mystery to encourage kids to read more
● Can have funny sounding words and sounds
● It could have one main lead character with the other two supporting him/her
or could have all the three characters involved equally

REQUIREMENTS: Current MFA students or past Alumni with experience in writing for young children books.

COMPENSATION: Determined based on qualifications

HOURS PER WEEK: This is a freelance position. Hours determined based on project timelines

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your cover letter and resume at :
Please include links to previous publications, if any (please do not let this deter you as we are most interested in the quality of your work)
Share a short story sample of 250 words or so catering to age groups 2 to 7 years
Our editors will review and get back to you regarding specifics and next steps.