Featured Collaborating Designers -Men’s and Women’s

Want to make 10% of sales on your designs? At Betabrand.com you will! Collaborating designers make 10% of sales while we handle ALL the product development, manufacturing and fulfillment. This position is open to people all over the world. You can work from your own studio in your home town!

Each quarter our Collaborating Designers are making thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on each of their successful designs, PER DESIGN!

In addition to the extra cash, these designers experienced
major lifts in social media followers and an increase in sales
through their own label’s site.

Why remain nameless, making a limited salary, designing
multiple garments for another label, when you could make a
direct revenue share from sales and get the recognition as the
creator of your own designs? Drop us a note with your ideas and questions or start exploring the submission process here:


Hope to hear from you soon!

Liz Rossof, Director of Think Tank (Collaborations)