Studio / Design Assistant

This position is to be Not To Scale New York’s Studio / Design Assistant, on hand to support our Directors and Producers with creative research, assembling pitches, and general every day useful tasks around the studio. Candidates must know InDesign, and Photoshop, and ideally have some ability to be able to work in Premier or other related creative software.

Our studio may currently be small in staff numbers, but it is large in creative reputation and ambition and so you will may be expected to wear many hats and help our Production team with some general production support in a positive and good natured way. For example if you are not busy working on a pitch or a production, we may ask you to: pick up coffee/lunch for crew that are tied up with deadlines or clients that are visiting us in house, you should have an eye to help keep the studio organized and tidy at all times, and will be asked to run occasional errands related to the business.

This is a great opportunity to receive exposure to the workings of the commercial animation and vfx industry and you will gain valuable experience and insights by working alongside many talented artists and Producers on a wide variety of pitches and film productions.

This position would initially be be a freelance arrangement but if you are amazing and make yourself indispensable it may well lead to becoming a full time staff position.

To Apply, please contact