Film and Animation Student needed for 30 to 60 second video needed for product launch

Video: 30 to 60 second Live action or stop motion video for WakaWaka’s newest premium solar product, the WakaWaka Base 10.

The Product: WAKAWAKA BASE 10 is the next step in the evolution of portable solar power: the ultimate all-in-one compact first-aid kit for when the sun goes down and the lights go out. The most efficient solar-powered device currently on the market, the state-of-the-art WakaWaka Base converts solar energy into battery power significantly faster than any other solar charge pack on the market today. After a single day in the sun, the powerful WakaWaka Base 10 will charge multiple phones, cameras and tablets, or provide up to an entire week of light. It also charges from an outlet anytime.

Audience: WakaWaka’s exciting suite of premium personal solar products are vital additions to today’s mobile, adventurous and conscious lifestyles, essential for everyone from renaissance moms and dads to modern-day explorers, urban, suburban or way (way) off the beaten path. — gearheads/tech earlu adopters?

Video should include:
Live action footage
Product stills (provided)
Text (provided)
Animated bits/segments welcomed!

WakaWaka must pre-approve
Production & Delivery Timeline

Film and Animation Students or Recent Graduates

Budget:$1000 to $2,500, please include compensation in proposed budget

Please include how many hours you will need in your proposal

SEND US AN EMAIL with a proposal and budget! Email: