Front Desk

Front desk needed at a yoga studio.

Reliability and Timeliness – If you know you don’t dig being on time and want to change your schedule a lot, this job is not suitable for you.

– You are prompt. 5 minutes late is not on time. Students are waiting for you –
rain, heat and snow
– Computer Savvy
– Comfortable with cleaning. If your ego gets in the way, of cleaning, this is not for you. Keeping the studio clean is part of the job
– Customer Service – Engage with health conscious clients and understand the power of kindness and skillful speech
– Good at responding to customers in written and verbal form
– Sales Experience – knows how to describe products and express best choice for client
– We love creative people that execute. Chalk art, Hangtags, Enews, Photos for web and social media, connecting creative with well-ness, posters. If we groove with your artwork (no digital art), we’d love to display it and let people know about you.

COMPENSATION: $10 an hour and yoga

HOURS PER WEEK: Approximately 20 hrs