Need Food Stylist for Cool Photo Project

I’m working on a photo project/instagram site featuring my 1.5 year old samoyed (seriously the cutest dog ever) – basically a photo story of her life with a special twist. I have designed the aesthetic (lots of minimalist neutrals/whites photos with pops of color – subtle pastels (think more complex than cotton candy pink, all understated) Idea is to create stunning photos all around that are visually appealing and interesting. Already working on a bunch of the photos but need assistance with a chunk of the photos – the food styling photos.

Want to do a range of simple photos (cocktails, simple desserts, prep for baking, etc) with her looking on and then also do some more creative (but still minimalist photos) work that involves a little bit of food art (not gastronomy or anything complex from that perspective but still creative use of simple food to create certain images – think pyramid of square marshmallows). I have lots of ideas but looking for a creative person who can help execute those ideas from a styling perspective and also assist with creating additional ideas. Idea in each case is that the food or food art will be the focus of the photo and the dog will be looking on in some way or another.

I would like to start with 10 scenes and if we have found a match in each other would talk about a bigger engagement as I will ultimately need about 75 scenes over the course of a year. Will be a really fun project (I don’t think I am biased when I say that!) and if nothing else, my dog really is that cute.