Hang out with my little Bae

Easy job. I am in need of a responsible and honest person to hang out with my amazing, cool, and chill six-year-old daughter, every-other-weekend (Sat &Sun) from 11:00am-7:00pm. You guys can go hang out parks, bike around, go to the movies, eat fudge. Seriously, it’s just like hanging out with a friend but no smoking, drinking, or any funny acting stuff. We are both very cool people, but that’s also my life in your hands, so jokes aside…handle my bae with care.

Preferably a responsible, drama-free, person who is a decent human being and will protect my daughter and care for her on your watch.

COMPENSATION: Open. This is the first time I have ever had someone watch my bae girl.

HOURS PER WEEK: 8(Sat) + 8(Sun) = 16(every other weekend)

HOW TO APPLY: Email me: tiffanycsquare@gmail.com please include your FB or Instagram. No judgement (kind of).