Volunteer Web Designer for BeneTrkr

Description: Looking for someone to complete the web design and development for BeneTrkr.com. BeneTrkr is a new tool meant to enhance the financial security of millions of individuals with disabilities who work or want to work while receiving benefits that have income limits but are uncertain how earnings will impact them. It offers them the opportunity to engage and maintain employment and maximize their earning potential. The intent of BeneTrkr.com is to provide an intuitive web tool to alleviate uncertainty and to reduce anxiety about working and earning income. Product Development: BeneTrkr has already conducted user research and created a user experience (UX) specification document, which includes information architecture, wireframes, style guide, etc. that resulted in the development a demo prototype. The next focus in this phase will be to have UX designer and web/software developer build next iteration of web tool and test further for user experience, features, etc., and market acceptance. Go to http://www.BeneTrkr.com to view links to a web prototype and mobile prototype. 2. BeneTrkr is taking elements and lessons learned from the Phoenix Rising HIV/AIDS Reentry Project (www.phoenixrisingreentry.org), a project developed in the late 1990’s for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWAs), and expanding it to a larger disability population and to any professionals who support them and beyond. Product Development: Conduct user research to test the relevance of http://www.phoenixrisingreentry.org and redesign as needed.

Qualifications: Experience-Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Web Developer

Hours per Week: Flexible

Compensation: None

How to Apply: Click here.