Host for DIY Video Series

Company Description: About Fatherly: Fatherly, the essential lifestyle guide for young parents. Fatherly is the fastest-growing parenting site on the web, targeting millennials and young Gen Xers who are entering the most inquisitive and acquisitive phase of their life. Described by the New York Times as “Buzzfeed meets Vice” for parents, Fatherly focuses on expert-driven, evidenced-based content.

Job requirements

  • Demonstrate on camera how to build from scratch 8 DIY projects using the materials provided by the Fatherly video team.
  • Review instructions and materials list prior to scheduled shoot day and ensure you have a clear path to deliver completed project.
  • Integrate direction from Senior Video Producer during production date.

Qualifications: You are a crafty artist, designer or builder. You tinker, and have basic knowledge of build and design principles. You can be given wires, a battery and a small electric motor and make it come alive. You are positive and fun. You are finish what you start.

Apply: Please send qualifications and relevant experience to Greg Jeske, Senior Video Producer.

Pay: $200/day

Hours: 8-10